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Would you go to a dermatologist when you’re concerned about a nasty cough? How about hiring a new employee without checking their references, reading their resume or having a comprehensive interview? You take care in everything you do, ensuring you get the best quality and most reputable people in your corner—don’t stop when it comes to firearm repair and care. There are a lot of people who call themselves “gunsmiths,” but you (and your firearm) deserve only the best. A gunsmith is the person you’re trusting to repair your firearm or even build it from scratch. Make sure you do your homework.

No reputable gunsmith can honestly call themselves highly skilled to work on any and all firearms. You need a specialist—someone who works almost exclusively with hunting weapons including long range rifles. Truly being an expert gunsmith requires years of skill honing on an extensive tool and equipment collection, and the ability to provide flawless work that ensures your safety and best shooting experience. Maybe you know “a guy” who pulls off perfect .45 gunsmithing, but that doesn’t mean he’ll have a clue when it comes to your custom long range rifle.

Gun Options

Rifle Accurizing Package
Accuracy Crown
Quick Crown
Glass Bedding
Pillar Bedding
Scope Mounting / Includes Leveling @ Lapping
Muzzle Break
Muzzle Break Indexed
Chamber, Thread, Fit & Crown
Trigger Adjustment
Bolt Knobs
$75 - $125

Bolt Fluting


Barrel Fluting


A Lifetime of Experience

SUB MOA’s master gunsmith Justin Richins has been a shooter for life—which means he knows firsthand how disappointing poor craftsmanship can be. It leads to subpar performance, inaccurate shooting and sometimes even safety concerns. Your firearm is an investment, especially if it’s a custom work of art, and investments (like works of art) need proper TLC. When a gunsmith has decades of experience and is top ranked in the field, they simply provide the best results. Perfection takes time, patience and an inordinate amount of skill—something mediocre or “just good enough” gunsmiths don’t offer.

Real gunsmiths are craftsman who have an impressive amount of experience, but also a passion for what they do and an eye for detail. They’re proud of their work, and it shows. Don’t make a common mistake, such as choosing a gunsmith based on their proximity to you, one who was referred to you via word of mouth but whom you haven’t researched yourself or one who doesn’t specialize in long-range rifles.

The Magic Touch

Richins doesn’t just repair and build firearms, he also offers customers the protection that comes with top of the line Cerakote finishing. Whether you need to have a layer of Cerakote protection added to your go-to hunting rifle, or a thorough cleaning and repair, Justin Richins of SUB MOA is your man. It’s all part of the finishing touches of gunsmithing—and it’s those extra, magical touches that can make all the difference.


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