Custom Long Range Rifles


Custom Rifles

“SUB-M.O.A Rifles, unlike any shooting system on the market today”

We first start with a custom “Dirt-Nap” receiver. The internal and external tolerances and finishes are held to standards not seen in factory, or many custom rifles on the market today. Then, depending on caliber, cartridge and bullet selection, it is time to choose a barrel. Our experience has shown that no custom barrel manufacturer is able to produce the most accurate barrel for every caliber or cartridge. Therefore, the appropriate match and grade of barrel will be selected depending on your application.

The barrel then heads off to be mated to the custom “Dirt-Nap” receiver, using CNC technology for a perfect fit. The chambering will be finished manually, using machines that are capable of holding a +/- .0001″ tolerance. The vast majority of gun smiths do not use these machines or our proprietary seamless finish method. The barrel and bolt will then head over to our true 4 axis CNC mill, where you will choose from several fluting options. Fluting increase cooling surface, assist in cyclability of the bolt and of course, creates a bit of sex appeal.

Next a composite stock will be selected, accuracy bedding pillars installed, and CNC inletting & bedding compound applied for a stress free fit. Your riffle now moves on to the finish room. A Cerakote firearms finish will be applied to all metal surfaces, a Micro Slick dry film coating is applied to the bolt and C-Series coating to the composite stock for maximum durability and a fantastic look. A scope will then be selected, mounted, and leveled to a one piece set of hand lapped rings for a stress free fit.

The final process involves breaking in the barrel. Using our proprietary procedure a custom load will be developed that is unique to your specific firearm. Ballistic and drop data will be collected at our exclusive 100-2000 yard range creating optimal levels of accuracy for that given system.

  • CNC & Hand fitting
  • Custom Dirt-Nap Receiver
  • Bolt Fluting
  • Match Grade barrel
  • Caliber & Custom call name engraving
  • Composite Stock
  • Custom Trigger
  • Hinged Floor Plate
  • Huskemaw 5-2-X50
  • One piece rings
  • Scope cover
  • 1 Color Cerakote finish
  • Hard case
  • 40 rounds of custom ammo
  • Royal purple gun lube
  • 1/2 day at our private range

The Finishing Touch

Each SUB MOA custom firearm is finished with Cerakote to protect it from corrosion and wear—for life. Even under the harshest of conditions, you’ll be at ease knowing your rifle is safeguarded. Justin Richins, a Cerakote Certified Applicator, applies the coating by hand and can also personalize the color from Graphite Black to Fire Engine Red.

Choose from the Cerakote H-Series which offers the most prestigious award for performance and popularity, the Cerakote C-Series which is designed for high-temp applications such as military firearms or the Cerakote DFAC (dry film anti-carbon) which is ideal for high-wear internal weapon parts, from tight fittings to bolts. This is your firearm. It should be, and can be, everything you want.


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